Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Year 5/6 Camp

Walt: make connections across a wide range of texts.
I've been reading  lomio year 5/6 camp, he was a year 6 and it all started in 2015.  He said that he was the leader for true crew. He got started with the activity called the top town or the way that people call it the killer zone. It was really scary because there was 5 activity's to do I  the killer zone but they also had to work as a team because there was two teams that was facing each other for points. It was really interesting because they got to go for a swim at the pools. When they were finished they had to have a shower but only had like  5 to 6.5 minutes and 35 seconds in the shower. This is when it gets funny because he said that in his tent was funny because when someone will walk he would fart and then the person that just finished walking near his tent will walk away. One night him and his friends had a farting contest and he won!!! 

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My camp was t
otally different because My tent was about to break on the second night then all of us had to sleep in the class rooms. The group that I was in was the kind crew and did you know that kind crew was the best but they didn't win that is confusing right. Every morning we did jump jam. You know what we didn't get to sleep in to tents because it was to windy so we got evacuated to the class rooms. His favourite part of camp was swimming and going to the game called the killer zone. My group didn't get to go kayak because of the weather but we did get to do some really fun games at the beach. I will give a shout out to lomio for the fantastic writing about year 5/6 camp. I loved your writing but mostly the farting bit in his tent.

Task description: We had to read from another person blog to try and find there year 5/6 writing and then had to talk about and also had to make another paragraph about how our camp was different.

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