Thursday, 10 August 2017

Great school

So today has come! my friends has told me over and over to blog about them. So hear it is! Anyways I actually don't mind this school like I actually love it here. but I will always love pt england school too! My new friends are a amazing their names are Amira ( She has been waiting for this!), Tayla ,Izzy ,Devon,Riley,Riley 2 and a lot of other friends! which is good. I still miss Pt England, but my new friends will try their best to make me feel the way I felt there. There has been amazing things happening during the
past few weeks we have been dancing we also played kio rahi! a lot of new things have been coming up. They also have there own school swimming pool! I mean we won't be able to swim this term because it is still a bit cold, but at least we get to swim at summer time! and it turns out that my new school only use I pads! I mean thats still cool at least we have devices. The thing is I miss my chrome book when I have to learn, but I will try my best to get use to it! My new friends are amazing, but I still miss my old friends!