Thursday, 10 August 2017

Great school

So today has come! my friends has told me over and over to blog about them. So hear it is! Anyways I actually don't mind this school like I actually love it here. but I will always love pt england school too! My new friends are a amazing their names are Amira ( She has been waiting for this!), Tayla ,Izzy ,Devon,Riley,Riley 2 and a lot of other friends! which is good. I still miss Pt England, but my new friends will try their best to make me feel the way I felt there. There has been amazing things happening during the
past few weeks we have been dancing we also played kio rahi! a lot of new things have been coming up. They also have there own school swimming pool! I mean we won't be able to swim this term because it is still a bit cold, but at least we get to swim at summer time! and it turns out that my new school only use I pads! I mean thats still cool at least we have devices. The thing is I miss my chrome book when I have to learn, but I will try my best to get use to it! My new friends are amazing, but I still miss my old friends!


  1. Hey Bestie! <3

    Awww I've been waiting for this! Glad to hear your enjoying West Melton. I can see you in one of the photo's dancing.. Get it Gurl! Looks like you've made lot's of friends there hope they keep you happy. We miss you so MUCH! Remember to stay in touch eh! Our tournament is coming up so wish me luck! Btw I'm playing in the tournament YAYY but still I wish you were there to have our backs. Miss you Daisy Keep it up.

    Mia :0!

  2. Hi daisy wishing you the best of your new school. Also i see you have new friends but it's alright as your feeling comfortable with them. have a happy school time.

  3. Hi girls

    I miss you guys very much I do! I am starting to enjoy this school! but it still hasn't reached the top level, not quite yet. So I have to say Pt England was quite better than this school. Anyways! I miss Pt England so much!

  4. P.S Amelia! Im already in a netball tournament on Thursday! so I've already been put in a netball team! yay!