Wednesday, 12 July 2017

It's finally snowing!!!

                                   ( I took this photo on m couch because my chrome book would of got damaged out in that weather! )
Last night we were all just playing cards until my grandpa came in and said  " did you see the snow ?" and we were all like what snow? and as soon as we opened the curtains we were laughing with joy!. This was our first ever time getting the chance to see snow.

So this morning my nana said that we could go outside to play! I was so happy especially when we played snow ball fight! We took pictures and videos all of us enjoyed it! If you have never had it snow in your place before I hope you would be lucky enough to go to a place where it can actually snow!


  1. Hi Daisy,
    When I was young my family lived in Christchurch. One day I woke up and the world outside was white. It was such an awesome experience seeing snow in my own backyard. We were so excited and me and my brother ran outside and had a snow fight just like you did. What is your favourite thing about the snow? I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself and having amazing experiences in your new home.
    From Miss Davis

  2. Hi Daisy,

    I was so excited when I read your post and saw that you had your first experience of snow. It really is such a magical experience, isn't it? I grew up in Canada so I had the chance to play in the snow for four to five months a year. My sister, Leigh, and I would go tobogganing, skating, and skiing. We would also build snowmen and snow angels whenever we had the chance. Like Miss Davis, I have such great memories of playing together in the snow as a young girl!

    I hope that you will continue to enjoy the snow and your new house.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Daisy or should I say Dusy!

      Anyways it's good to see that you are having a good time in Christchurch! Your photo looks very funny but I love your reaction. I wish that I could play snowball fight but I will get sick + I don't live in Christchurch. Miss u heaps, stay in touch.

      <3 Amelia!

  3. That sound like fun in Christchurch with the snow I hope you are having fun and enjoying it over there. SNOW!!! REALLY COOOOOL! signed your friend Paikea.

  4. Hey sister!

    Wow it's is snowing there!I hope that you are having a amazing time there and I hope that you like your new school!We miss you so much I had to tell my whole family that you left our school.I hope that the snow was amazing and that you had a fun time.

    Make sure you stay safe and have a fun journey and we will miss you so much and we will remember you in our hearts!Stay safe and GOD BLESS!!

    From Leilani!

  5. Kia Ora Daisy,

    Is it really snowing? I hope you are having the time in your life with your family friends & heaps of snow. Are you missing us well we are missing you the most. You are a true friend & is really cool. I think your family had so much fun well school is next week & we are missing you Heaps Daisy, Your friends are now called the D crew. You are the best hope you are having so much fun in Christchurch.

    Yours Truly,

  6. Hi everyone
    Thank you guys so much for all these wonderful comments! I hope to blog more sometime, I know that it is like the last week of holiday bloging I am so sorry, but it is only because a lot of busy things are happening. So Thank you guys I also would like to see more Amazing blog post from all of you! I miss you guys and hope to visit Auckland sometime!

  7. P.S It stop snowing! But my dad said it Should be able to snow on august so fingers cross!

  8. Hi Daisy

    How lovely to hear from you - and very special in a magical Winter wonderland setting :) Snow is so beautiful - but also so cold. I am pleased to see you have made it safely to Christchurch. I look forward to hearing about your new school. I may be able to visit you during the term when I am in Christchurch.

    Mrs Burt

  9. Hi Mrs Burt!

    I actually love it here I was so happy when I finally got the chance to feel real snow! Unfortunately it stopped, but i'm sure it will start to snow again in august. I also enjoyed the plane ride it was amazing getting to Christchurch. I also enjoy the school I have been going to the name of the school is West Melton. I miss Pt England School so much!

  10. HI daisy it Charlese
    Your story sounds so amazing it sounds like you are having so much fun i will always miss you BYE.

  11. HI daisy it Charlese
    Your story sounds so amazing it sounds like you are having so much fun i will always miss you BYE.

  12. Hi daisy you are so lucky that it's snowing in Christchurch. But really don't get cold and sick because i want you to have a happy day with your family and always remember us and never let go of your dream you had when we were all best friends. Have a happy day.

  13. I wished i was there.And Daisy did you know Tayah is there to.

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  15. And Daisy we all miss you very much and i hope you enjoy the snow and your new school.

  16. Hi guys!

    I'm very sorry for my late reply to all of you guys. I miss you all very much! And I am still sad that I don't live in Auckland anymore. I just hope I can come back sometime, and come back to Pt England before it's too late! I love and miss you all very much!