Thursday, 29 June 2017

moving away

Hi so i'm leaving the best school that I have knew in my life. I didn't want to but yeah everyone from that school was so nice on my last day I cried for ages because they gave me presents, surprises even a video everyday I at least pray to come back. I am also happy that I have this blog and chrome book to write story and things like that. I miss my sisters Jorelle, Amelia, Naomi, Makayla, paikea and trendy. All those girls are the girls that took of me while I was there. I miss all of them right now even the teachers I also miss the boys all as brothers because all of them felt like family to me. If anyone is reading this and you come to my school just so you know I love you and miss you!


  1. What a beautiful video your friends and teachers made for you.

    Have fun in Christchurch and keep warm down there.

    'You should show your new teachers that video- it says a lot about your kind character.

    Allanah- a teacher in Nelson

  2. Hi daisy,
    we are all going to miss you and you were so kind as well. I really did not want you to go either but "your dad said".also we miss you as well.
    From Naomi ( your bestie...RIGHT!)

  3. Hi Daisy I know we did not get along very well but I hope you have a safe trip to your new school and house

    From Madison :)...

  4. Hey Girlll

    We are going to miss you so much and I hope you stay warm because I heard that it is cold in Christchurch.Wow what an amazing video that you friends made for you it is outstanding.I know that we knew each other for two years but I hope you still miss us and I hope that you stay safe.
    God bless you and I hope you come back to Glen Innes BYE BYE!!!😭

    -From Leilani!

  5. Hey Daisy!

    Nooo , you are leaving our school!Ok I know that I am kinda late and I have already did an comment on this post already but I am going to really miss you.You were my role model and you always made sure everyone was ok.So I ma very sure that everyone is going to miss you and you being very humble in and out of class.I hope you have a safe journey and stay warm because it is very cold so god bless and stay safe.

    p.s - COME BACK!!!

    From - Leilani!

  6. Hi Daisy, Miss you heaps never forget the funny moments that we had together. Love you Heaps. 1 more thing do you miss ambassador?
    Hope you come visit one time